Questions About Your Bill

Pathologist Payments

Pathology is a professional specialty service separate from your doctor’s, therefore, requiring separate billing in many cases. The billing statements are itemized and easy to review.

If you don’t receive a separate bill for pathology services, PTPG may have already received payment for professional services provided to you from government payers or by pre-arrangement with the hospital, managed care plan or insurance company.

If you do receive a bill for pathology services, you are expected to pay PTPG for any charges not covered by your insurance company or other payer.

Hospital Payments

You may also receive a separate bill from your hospital. This bill will cover technical services provided in the course of producing and delivering the test results to your doctor. This technical component charge is for the cost of the instruments, materials and hospital technical employees and may already have been paid by the government payers, managed care organizations or insurance company.

If you have additional questions pertaining to a bill, please call the hospital laboratory responsible for the services. You can also call the number on your bill for additional explanation.